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Here is what people are saying about TeacherTanu

I am glad to have met Teacher Tanu Online. I have taken classes under Intermediate level from India. I enjoy learning every lesson which keeps me engaged throughout. Teacher Tanu is very caring and helping English teacher.


I met my Teacher Tanu at Malaysia. Since then, she has taught my younger brother almost for 1 year. My brother loves studying English with her, so I also started to study with her. Teacher is a passionate educator and really love to teach us English. I was feel nervous when speaking in English. But started studying with teacher, this problem gradually has gotten better. I felt she truly love her job. She is my favorite English teacher ever. 💕

South Korea

Teacher Tanu is a competent and qualified English teacher. Every lesson with her was helpful and inspiring for my son.Now my son is able to understand phonics and pronounce every alphabets sound. Before starting lessons with Teacher Tanu, he didn’t know anything about writing, but after 2 months of studying, he has improved much quicker to write than I ever expected. I would strongly recommend Teacher Tanu for anyone who needs classes for their young learners to start their early education studies.

Parimala Ramalingam

I met teacher in Malaysia, and continue study with her even after coming back to Korea.
I am studying speaking and reading English lessons
online. So now I can speak with foreigner.
I am so happy to meet my pretty teacher Tanu, Thank you!

South Korea